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“Your stop for achieving better cat and dog health through pet diet and nutrition”

Did you know?

  • Most pet diseases are caused by toxic elements present in food, water and the pet’s environment.

    You could be HARMING your pet by giving them the wrong food or supplements.

    "87% of pets die too early, an average of 8.3 years less than animals fed the proper natural diet." - (2010)

    • Well Balanced Pet Test can detect toxins in your pet long before symptoms of illness occur.



Disclaimer: although many people will derive benefits from these tests and recommended dietary and supplemental guidelines we encourage owners to incorporate their animals care with the advice of a qualified veterinarian.



Better Pet Health

Well Balanced Pet Preventative Healthcare is the best source for improving
YOUR pet's health from home. Whether you are looking to improve cat health, dog health, or horse health, our Well Balanced Pet Test Kit and Supplements help your animal live longer. Unlike other invasive cat and dog tests, our pet hair analysis test kit reveals YOUR pet's unique medical and nutritional history.

Ultimate Skin and Coat Supplement

Your pets are as diverse as people and each one has their own unique chemistry, conditions and needs to maintain optimal health. Many pets suffer from allergies, skin or coat conditions, urinary tract disorders, obesity or other diseases.  Nearly all of these conditions can be traced to a vitamin or mineral deficiency in their food and/or environmental conditions that expose them to toxins.

Prevention and Early Detection

The Well Balanced Pet Test is a safe, non-invasive and comprehensive screening of your pet's hair that accurately analyzes 57 specific vitamins and trace elements.  Our test determines EXACTLY what your pet may be lacking in their diet and reveals toxic exposure that might be making your pet sick.  Even better, it can alert you to imbalances in your pet’s system BEFORE illness develops, potentially saving you thousands of dollars in vet bills and adding years to your pet’s life!

Visible signs of vitamin deficiencies or toxic exposure may take some time to identify. Early detection is essential! Long term exposure to small amounts of toxins or nutritional deficiencies are rarely diagnosed in early stages through blood or urine analysis.

Well Balanced Pet Test identifies these deficiencies long before your pet becomes seriously ill, providing valuable information that allows you to correct your pet’s health.

Don't wait for your pet to become sick! Get preventative healthcare for
your pet today!

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